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Volunteers Required

edited June 2017 in General
The club's open 10 event the Willie Rafferty Memorial takes place on the A77 course on Wednesday 7th June. As usual we are requesting anyone who can help out on the night to let us know. We need people in the hall and a certain amount of marshals on the course.

So if you would like to make yourself available please do so on the forum and then the organiser ( Andy basically) can make best use of the resources but we need to know in advance if you don't mind!

Hoping to hear from you


David Turner


  • I'm available
  • Might need a lift but should be able to help out, if anyone wants a polo shirt or sweatshirt get your order in
  • I'm available
  • I'll be there
  • I'll be there as well.
  • I'll be there plus a couple of helpers.
  • Alan I can give you a lift if required

    Davy T
  • Thanks for the names, as well as people on the course, I'll need some people in the hall. To help with the signing on and at the catering.
  • should be available
  • I have an entry in the event, I have however persuaded my reluctant son to be available for Marshalling. He would be delighted if his offer were to be rejected.
  • I will be happy to help in hall just make sure I have comfy chair getting on a bit Lol

  • No problems Davy
  • Dear all,
    just to confirm to all helpers on Wednesday night, the venue for the event is a little hall attached to the main hall called the edge. The main hall we usually use is the Fairweather Hall which is next to ASDA on the Barrhead road Newton Mearns. If volunteers could be there from 6.30pm onwards that would be great so we can get organised before the first rider is off at 7.30.

    Any questions please let me know and if anyone requires a lift let me know although I will be heading down early to put out the signs.


    Davy T
  • looking forward to attending and helping with my first willie rafferty,i will however require someone to transport myself and my son along with 40 trays of baking to the event( sorry you just can't just come and collect the baking it's a job lot).
  • I will come and get you guys Alan as long as there are some samples for the journey
  • they won't notice a few bite marks off the corners
  • Alan, that's only about half a tray per person, do you think that'll be enough, or do most people not eat as much as me at tt's.
  • sorry Andy it's strictly for the guys entering the event
  • And Marshalls
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