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That's me ticked two off, the Mennock pass and the climb to the Lowther Hill Radar station.

PS at one point as was going to suggest this as club ride but I think that was just the heat melting my brain LOL


  • That's a tough climb up to the golf ball, well done on that one
  • that's another for the bucket, Dukes Pass
  • So what's next, Rest and Be Thankful, Ben Lawers or Glen Quaich...? I think your bucket list is getting bigger. :)
  • After today's exploits I may have to re-evaluate my time on bike, bit of spill on west coast of lake Windermere, very bad extremely lucky
  • jeezo Davie hope you're ok?
  • A bit sore and bashed up but my superb bike handling skills Lol saved me from a really bad fall ended up of road down embankment managed to keep bike up as long as poss before road ran out
  • hope your not too bashed up dave, and more importantly the bike is ok
  • Bike indestructible
  • Sorry to hear this Dave, hope you're OK, and can get it out for a confdence booster tomorrow

    But no the big question, How is the bike ?
  • Davie,
    As if you haven't been in the wars enough already. Hope you are OK.

    Davy T
  • Hope everything is OK .
  • Stiff and sore
  • Sorry to hear about your wee flurry with cycle cross, hope your ok now.
  • Dave, if you've not done the "Dukes Pass" yet, why not enter the Tour de Trossachs TT. It starts just outside Aberfoyle then goes the Dukes Pass and carries on for about another 15 miles. It's not on the calendar yet, but it'll be on the 1st of October and is a SCU event.
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