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WLC 25 Sun. 28th

As you would expect, there was the usual headwind on the way out to Buchlyvie, but then it was a bit more fun on the way back, but still hard, it always is on the Cambusbarron course.
Derek Gibb 1.03.31 Derek lost some time when trying to have a drink and the top of the bottle came off.
Billy Brierley 1.09.21 Billy lost about a minute when he went off course, on a straight out and back!!
Andy Wilson 1.12.34 I was 10secs. faster than vets standard, and 1.56 faster than last year, on the same course.


  • What can I say . Still well within my standard and 3.30 faster than last year .
  • Well done Derek and andy . Great times on a hard day head wind was brutal.
  • Well Done, it can be hard on that course with a wind. 12.5 miles feels a long way into the wind. Billy how can you go off course, you should get a prize for that I would of thought it was almost impossible!
  • Yea colin made a right a** of it first time ever . Still happy with ride.
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