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Auldhouse results - 30/5/2017

9 riders out on the Auldhouse course tonight, on what was a blustery night. However it seemed quite a few riders made gains with the wind behind them. Some minor road works on the red road also gave the riders additional challenges. So all in all, some very good times. Fastest rider on the night was Mark Carrol with a fantastic sub 22 minutes ride of 21:59. Well done to Mark.

1. Gareth Dunn - 31:20
2. David Scott - 29:30
3. Keith Thompson - 29:30
4. Paul Mathieson - 28:45
5. Ali Bean - 27:35
6. Ewan Mathieson - 25:08
7. Neil McKay - 26:07
8. Mark Carrol - 21:59
9. Colin Meikle - 26:34


  • Thanks Alan, your time keeping is much appreciated, along with Andy and Marion Marshalling of course
  • Hi,
    can I ask whether the course used tonight was the usual one? i.e. round the bothy?

    Ta Davy T
  • yes it was the usual round the bothy davy
  • Ok, folks,
    catching up with the points etc, please see attached the results sheet, h'cap times and points awarded for the 30th May and the running total document up to that date too. Will compile the latest and add that later.

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