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Willie Rafferty Open Event

how are we getting on with numbers for volunteers and marshals? do we have a plan for where everyone will be used? as i and a couple of others have never did this before. my wife has promised to do some baking to help Colin out with the catering. Almost a full field for the event and the weather forecast is looking good.


  • Alan,
    I have put out another e mail requesting anymore volunteers via an email just in case anyone forgot. This is a work in progress at the moment. I have a provisional list of who is doing what and where based on who has confirmed so far. Should have a definitive list for Tuesday but so far.............

    Hall Andy and Billy
    1st Aider Billy
    Recorder Alan Mc
    Pusher off TBC
    Marshals Chris, Alan G, Derek G, Colin G + 2, Marion, Davie S.
    Gear Checker Colin G
    Phone in times TBC
    Take times at hall TBC

    On the night I will confirm who is where and what duties are required. I will also do some sarnies to help out Mr Meikle. Anything else give us a shout.


    David Turner
  • Audrey Has confirmed she can help, perhaps she could take times in the hall and help with the food.
  • Colin, that would be great!

    David T
  • Marion has requested the usual place of the Eaglesham road end for her spot, or there will be trouble, maybe not with you Davie, but with someone and I could guess it might be me.
  • I am riding and will bring along Alec to Marshall wherever needed.
  • Ali,
    thanks for letting us know

    Davy T
  • im also available,will need to bring my 2 boys so a marshalling job would be ideal i can tie them to a lamp post
  • Martin, may be able to keep you in the hall if that's easier?

  • Marshalling is fine davy, i was at the slip road coming off m77 last year happy to go there again if need be.
  • I'll be there with two others happy to do the turn as usual.
    I can also do the gear checking at the hall before the start.
  • Colin,
    that's great had you down for all that anyway!!!!!
  • hopefully be there on Wednesday to be used as needed
  • is there spaces left to compete Gary was asking
  • Dave,
    I have you down for a cushy job in the hall. All I will say is take your mobilephone with you!

  • Dave, I tried to email you about this, you can be Garys stand in and let him ride. Let me know if he wants an entry, if he does it'll be a late start.
  • Chears Andy will let you know ASAP
  • Anybody got any idea as to roughly when this will finish tonight? I'm planning to cycle over and back, but only if it's not too late at finishing
  • The last man will be back in the hall by 9.15 at the latest, so if you didn't want to come back to the hall, you could be away by 9.00. I would like to have the results by 9.30, but that is flexible.
  • edited June 2017
    Well I think that went well,my photographer took some pictures last night so as soon as we've had a look through them i'll post some on our facebook page and also add a link for others to view them on our flickr account.
  • I agree with Alan, I think everything went well and I'd like to thank all those in the club and others who gave up their time to help make this event successful. Just like the riders, it wouldn't be much of an event without you, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, as it's only about 74 days before you get the chance to do it all again, but this time at Bishopton.
  • Can't wait andy .
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