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Turbo Training

edited February 2017 in Turbo Training
Just a reminder that turbo training is back on tonight - 7:30pm start at Ballerup (unless you're Colin Gillespie of course...). Please see the attached pdf document for this month's sessions.


  • Excellent turnout at training last night, with 13 brave souls turning up for some turbo torture fun. Possibly the best turnout we've had that I can remember. The club AGM next week means that turbo training won't be on, but here's hoping we can get the same numbers or better in the coming weeks! Not long until spring, and this miserable weather will be a distant memory... :)
  • I went out today, for about 4 hours and I've got to say my legs were, shall we say "fatigued", after the strength session last night.
  • haha, sorry about that Andy - maybe should have allowed for more adequate recovery time in between! But I'm sure you'll be feeling the benefits by the end of the winter turbo sessions :)
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