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Summer sizzler TT Sat night 24th june 7pm


  • Entered - thanks Martin
  • Cheers Martin might give it a gone hope have right number
  • i might just give this one a go as there can't be many 10's left
  • i've put in an entry so we'll see how i go
  • I've also put an entry in something different for a Sat eve.
  • thats me in guys
  • wont be there guys entry not accepted, must want to give every one else a chance lol
  • Probably a good thing dave weather starting to look pretty poor sat night, rain and high winds.
  • Thanks for letting me down easy big chap hahaha
  • Thats a bummer Dave, I think TTs should be on a strictly first come first served basis. I think the reality of it is that they get to pick based on PBs to get the fastest field possible, doesn't help us slow coaches though
  • Start times

    19:13 Colin Meikle St.Christophers
    19:34 Martin Smith St.Christophers
    19:51 Alan Graham St.Christophers
    20:18 Alistair Bean St.Christophers

  • so whats everyone thoughts? its a bit fresh out there :(
  • I have loaded my road bike in the van as an option if it is too wild
  • Good luck guys, about 28 the noo in Majorca with no breeze B)
  • not the answer i was looking for ali, im wanting a reason not to go lol

    just you watch the beers mark or itll be 28s when u get back, enjoy yer holiday :smiley:
  • :D Estrella damm on tap, I'll be happy with a 28 after a fortnight of this :p Good luck for tonight!
  • Colin 24.59
    Martin 23.34
    Me 26.59

    Alan DNS
  • cheers ali, not bad times considering. sketchy howling crosswinds out and back.
  • I was a little disappointed in my time, what's really scary is I was beaten by the not only the V60 class but I wouldn't have won the V70 either !
  • Good times folks considering the weather.

    Davy T
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