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50 mile TT Alistair Speed Memorial

Dreek McMillan and myself took part in the 50 mile TT in fife today. It was hot and windy (even the wind was hot).

Derek Time 2.02
I didn't have the best ride, I took a wrong turn (second year in a row) and to make matters worse I was disqualified for "cutting a corner" on a right hand turn. My time would of been 2.19/2.20 (don't know if I'll get an official time)

In my view it was perfectly safe as I had a clear view of the junction, I was simply trying to avoid stopping for an oncoming car. However I was reported for passing the marshal on the wrong side. So be warned keep on the right side of the marshalls ! I guess Rules are Rules.


  • tough day for a 50 well done lads, bad luck colin i wouldve thought a time penalty might have been another option for them
  • I'm slow enough Martin without adding on time:-) I'll know better next time
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