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New Website and forum

Hopefully you like the new look forum. Unfortunately your old username and password won't work here. I'll try and send out new ones to all the club members but there will be people I miss. If you haven't had an email from me, first check your junk mail then try registering. if that fails hop over to the new webpage and use the contact section to send me an email

I'll post some tips on using the forum shortly

Colin M


  • Everyone should now have an account on the forum. Check your spam folder if you do not have an email with your username and password.
    It would be helpful if everyone could add a picture, it will help new members put a name to a face. Click on your username on the left hand side and you will see there is a link to add a picture. You will be able to crop the picture before using it, give it a go!
  • new website looks good and login working also
  • Looking good colin, a lot more phone friendly. B)
  • Login is working fine, and the website is looking good Colin!
  • Guys the three amigos will not manage up to turbo tonight
  • if anyone's up for some miles over the hols can you post here and hopefully we can get a wee group out
  • cheers Colin, website great all the best to you and your family for new year
  • Good job colin .
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