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Club zwifters

Guys I am trying to organise a group ride under the club banner on zwift had some positive feedback. Would be interested in any thoughts as to pace to set and possible ride leader and course to use


  • Only just started messing about with zwift last night but once I get some space sorted I hope to continue with it over winter
  • Hi Alan / Dave,

    I have some interest in this for winter nights too. Noticed some Smart Trainers on sale t Halfords... What kit are you guys using?


  • I've got the Kurt kinetic road machine 2 with in ride, currently using the garmin speed and cadence sensors plus heart rate monitor, only on the free zwift trial but might sign up to zwift over winter
  • I have tacx smart trainer with Bluetooth built in you just need an ant/dangle with extension cable to run zwift from laptop
  • Davie how are you getting on with this? I've now used all my free trial and looking to sign up over winter
  • Davie i don't know if you've seen this but Glasgow Green have their own event every Monday now on zwift! what do we need to do to arrange an event for our club?
  • Just get in touch with zwift through there website. Have asked for a social group ride under club banner for a Monday night so we will see what happens .
  • PS noticed that about GGCc maybe join tomorrow
  • i look forward to riding a virtual club ride,cheers for your efforts,if you need me to post details of it anywhere just let me know.
  • No probs will let you know when I get word
  • Zwifters any suggestions for what night might suit us as Monday nights have two similar sub 2 rides being asked the question by zwift
  • Mon/Wed/Fri any of these suit me
  • Looks like it will be a Friday at 6.15 keep you posted
  • Good work Davie,see you on zwift then
  • That's us on the Zwift events tomorrow night 7.15 Christies Club Social ride. Unfortunately won't be riding struggling with health. So all you zwifters get there
  • you're efforts are greatly appreciated by all club zwifters
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