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Auldhouse League Results 5/09/17

Not too bad a night for it with 9 riders taking part. Unfortunately for Gareth Dunn tyre trouble prevented him from starting.

Fastest rider on the night was Gordon Murdoch with a 23.05. Look out for the dark horse though, Mr Meikle is saving his best form for the end of the season maybe he'll get picked for the world championships?

Times and totals attached


  • Folks,
    sorry the points running total used is an old one please bear with me while I find the right one.
  • Here's the updated points total.
  • Curious, I assume it the 10 best rides that count towards your end of season total?
  • Vince,
    Yeah I think that would be the fairest option. As this is the first year of doing this some things are a bit of a learning curve. So as we will probably finish the season with some riders ridden 12 and some 10 events, at the end of the league I will pick out all the riders who have ridden 10 or more events and then narrow it down to their best events in terms of scoring.

    Does that seem fair to everyone?

    Davy T
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