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Rothesay Cycling Weekend Plus Some Pics & Results

It's finally here,today we're heading over to Rothesay to take part in the wonderful weekend of cycling that's on this Saturday and Sunday. With the forecast looking good why not take the opportunity to head over and cheer our guys on and take in the friendly atmosphere?


  • good luck lads, remember when your sitting in the pub tonight that you got racing in the morning :D
  • Yeah all the best to those taking part, expect to see a good report and plenty of photos.


    Dave T
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    A bit tired just now for a full report so here's some pictures for you to view for now.
    Ok here goes,six of us made the trip over to Rothesay to take part in the cycling weekend,myself,Alan McAulay,Colin Meikle,Derek Gibb,Ali Bean and Douglas McArthur. Douglas was first up with attacking the hillclimb and finished it in well under 3 minutes,next event was the 2up tt (roughly 20 miles or lap of the island),we had two teams entered in this Alan G and Colin M,Alan Mc and Derek G,the weather wasn't kind to us for this with some rain but nevertheless we gave it a go,Colin and i came in at 58 mins and Alan and Derek 55mins (will add exact times when they're posted).

    On Sunday we had four in the 10tt Alan Mc,Colin M,Ali and myself, for anyone who's never did this course it's not fast as there's a hill about 1 mile in and you climb it both ways so you're 9 miles in when you get it again,again times will be added when i see them posted.

    Now for the novice race(with a few bushy tails in the pack)we had three entered in this,myself ,Derek G and Ali. It started off at a frantic pace before we hit the first hill,i put in a bit of effort to pass a few on the hill and ended up too near the front but pushed on with a few others and speeds of 30mph were recorded,it quickly regrouped but the ongoing inclines took their toll on the legs and i had to let the bunch go but was happy to see Derek still in there,i managed to tag along with a few others for a bit but again mount stuart took my legs so made it to the finish on my todd. At the finish i met up again with Derek who finished a very credible 6th(well done that man),i think Ali enjoyed taking in a lap of the island? Ihad my fun for a bit in the novice race and i genually thinkeveryone enjoyed it?
    Douglas was our man in the APR but i'll need to get in touch with him to see how he went as we left just after the novice race,brave man two laps of the island (40 miles). Douglas got 26th place out of 65 and says it was stupidly fast from the start and got dropped with 15km to go,again mount stuart claimed another pair of legs.

    Our accommodation was two glamping pods each housing three people,they had the basics kettle,tv,microwave,fridge and heater,toilet and shower facilitie on site so enough for us to survive for a couple of nights. They were cost effective and perfect for our weekend trip.
    I'd like to thank everyone who went and hope you had a great time.

    Bring on next year!!!!

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  • A fantastic trip.. big thanks to the organiser (Mr G) my name is already down for next year and would recommend it to everyone even if the don't fancy any racing.
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    some more pics of our guys doing the 10tt yesterday

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    Martin Lonie Claycross RT M 02:05.4 Winner of serpentine hillclimb
    Douglas McArthur Glenmarnock Wheelers B 02:50.1

    Gordon Murdoch Douglas Watson Icarus RC A A 46:57 Winner of 2up tt
    Derek Gibb Alan McAulay St Christophers CC M B 55:42
    Colin Meikle Alan Graham St Christophers CC B B 58:36

    Chris Smart GTR M 0:21:08 Winning Time 10tt
    Gordon Murdoch Icarus Racing Club A 0:22:11
    Alan McAulay St Christophers CC B 0:26:21
    Colin Meikle St Christophers CC B 0:26:50
    Alan Graham St Christophers CC B 0:27:57
    Alistair Bean - C 0:28:30

    Novice RR results:
    Gerrard Deeley A 1
    Lewis Blair S 2
    Stevie Watters C 3
    Zara Mair C 4
    Neil Kinnaird A 5
    Derek Gibb M 6 St Christophers CC

    APR 40 miles race:
    Martin Lonie Claycross RT M 1 APR Winner
    Douglas McArthur Glenmarnock Wheelers CC B 27 Well done Douglas 27th
  • Well done all, looks like a good weekend.
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    Great picture of Alan and Derek
  • I remember the pain well
  • Well done everyone, thats a cracking pic
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