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Winter 10 October 2017

The first winter 10 of the 2017/18 season was met with, let's just say not very pleasant conditions. However that didn't stop Mr Meikle and Mr Gibb from turning up ( Mr. Meikle in his skinsuit) and riding the 10 sodden, windy miles out and back. To be truthful the rain didn't start in earnest until the riders had only a couple of miles to go.

Derek managed to put a little time into Colin and finish with a 26.24 while Colin's time was 26.46. Well done to both for coming out on a miserable morning, that's what the Winter 10's are all about .... character building!!!!!


  • The worst bit was getting out the car but once soaked through it wasn't that bad, almost enjoyable :smile:
    Thanks to Davy for tuning up and doing the timekeeping. Hopefully a few more people next month
  • I decided my warm up was staying in the car until the last possible moment ( approx 5 mins before I started ) ... it was certainly fresh ( got rid of the hangover that's for sure ) but enjoyable all the same... yes cheers Davy for turning up and doing the time keeping
  • Well done guys .
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