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Hill Climb 2017

Dear All,
Please remember that this coming Sunday, 8th October the club are holding the annual Freewheel and Hill Climbing Championship. We will meet at the Auldhouse Cross for 11am where we will hold the freewheel competition before heading off to the bottom of Ardoch Rigg where the hill climb will take place. As previously mentioned all riders are more than welcome to come along but only club members are eligible for a trophy.

Thank you
Dave T


  • i cant make it boys got footy match on. :'(
  • edited October 2017
    A few pictures from the hillclimb today.

  • Looking at the photo's I 've got to ask, is Ian Hughes really trying!!!

    Anyhow, a fine morning for a change. Usually in years past the hill climb is greeted with howling gales and heavy rain. The freewheel was the fist event to be decided and really only 2 riders got anywhere near each other and that was Derek Gibb and Neil MCKay. However apparently on account of a larger cooked breakfast, Neil McKay took the honours and is the 2017 Freewheel Champion, well done Neill.

    Onto the more serious matter of the hill climb. Despite the good conditions only 2 riders managed to get under the 3 minute mark for the climb. Derek Gibb came close with a 3.01, however the Hill Climb Champion for 2017 and at his first attempt with a 2.54 is Vince Pickering, congratulations Vince.

    The fastest visitor and the only other rider under 3 minutes was Rhauri Brown with a fine 2.56. Thank to all riders who made the effort today and to Colin Gillespie and Graham Brown for helping with timekeeping and to Vince for supplying the chequered flag waver at the finish!

    Vince Pickering 2.54
    Rhauri Brown 2.56
    Derek Gibb 3.01
    Colin Meikle 3.12
    Ian Hughes 3.15
    Neil McKay 3.22
    Vince Fenwick 3.59
  • I was trying hard but was so relieved to have nearly finished at that point :D
  • The camera never lies.
  • Ok i admit it is was trying to give everyone else a chance lol
  • Well done guys . As usual I was working.
  • Couple pics from the finish! Thanks Dave for the T n biscuits and keeping an eye on the wee one!
  • Good fun yesterday and delighted to retain my freewheel title if only by a couple a bike lengths and an extra lorne sausage!
  • Neil,
    that's called dedication.
  • May be we should add a best gurning competition to next years event..........
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