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Tour de Trossachs 8/10/17

Well that's it over for another year, the weather was dry and not much in the way of wind. There were 2 tandems taking part, one of which had chainrings of 72/59, I wonder what their cassette was. There was also a handcycle taking part, he was paralysed from the chest down, he says he struggles up hills, but because of his low profile, he flies down hills.
With various members doing the club hill climb of 3 and 4 minutes, my hill climb time was just over 23 minutes. Because of roadworks the course was shortened by 4 miles, now going up by the "Braes of Greenock", which is a steeper climb than those on the longer route, this was the course that used before the Thornhill extension. Numerous riders passed me, to be expected, but they were nearly all on the 2 big climbs, so the flats were quite good. The time between the 5 miles to go and the 4 miles, was under 2 minutes, that was a lovely downhill off the "Braes", I should also say it was almost worth going up the "Dukes Pass" from Aberfoyle, just for the downhill on the other side with it's fast sweeping bends, I enjoyed that.
I managed to overtake the handcycle which started 20 minutes before me, it might not be much, but I'll take what I can get, my time, 1.30.14, a slower average speed than last time, but that was because of the climb of the "Braes", I'll be back next year.


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