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Rauridh Brown

As I am not on facebook or twitter, does anyone have an update on Rauridh. He had a crash at the velodrome and broke his collar bone apparently.

Cheers DaveT


  • Looks like he's not the only one nursing some injuries just now, Douglas Mcarthur had a tumble last week. He's managed to break both upper and lower jaws, nose, left eye socket and throat as well as losing a few teeth on his commute. Basically hit a pothole and the bike flipped. All he remembers is waking up in ambulance - apparently he'd been found lying unconscious on the road by a passers-by! We wish both riders a speedy recovery.
  • Hope both are healing well :(
  • Speedy recovery guys
  • Got a message from Graeme about Ruairidh,Thanks for the message. He is doing fine thanks. Still a wee bit sore but never really complains. He is annoyed more than anything as the Scottish Cycling iDevelop plan started this weekend and he has obviously had to sit it out. Hopefully we can get him back on the bike for the next few weekends in November.
  • Ruairidh is back on the turbo and hopefully will be out on the road in a couple of weeks.
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