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November winter 10

Dear all,
this coming Sunday see the second of our winter 10's on the A77. As usual first rider off at 10.30am and we meet at the usual place. Sadly I won't make it to time you but I am sure a stand in will be found. It's also a great opportunity to come along and give Billy your £5 deposit for the lunch and drop off those trophies you won last year so I can get them engraved!!!!


  • I'll be doing the timekeeping on Sunday, I'll also have the canteen, so tea, coffee and biscuits as usual. Just to keep me busy, if anyone has lunch deposits, I'll take these as well.
    The weather is looking good, so I hope we have a good turnout.
  • For a Sunday in November on the A77, it was a really nice day, sunshine and very little wind. There was only 4 of us riding, but I think we all enjoyed it, well as much as you can doing a tt. I'll leave you to try and work out from the times, which 2 people were using tt bikes and which 2 were using winter bikes with no tt bars, wider tyres and mudguards.
    Colin M. 27.41
    Vince P. 27.55
    Alan Mac. 32.21
    Andy W. 34.01
  • Colin M and Andy W?
  • Yeah, nice weather for a change. Seems to make me go slower :smile: Cheers for timekeeping and TT tea and biscuits Andy.
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