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Thursday Nights

we had another succesful ride on zwift tonight with at least four club members and various people from around the world,was anyone out through the lanes? or are things dying a death? i only ask as i've had Graeme Brown saying he was at the meet up point at Langlands tonight


  • im still game although limited to the mrs shifts and scared of the rain lol
  • I'd have been out last night but I'm away for the weekend. I did let people know on Tuesday at the turbo session as well. Should be back out next week, weather permitting!

    I know Ali Bean would usually be there too but he's on holiday this week, and my dad just got back from his holiday yesterday. Should be more numbers next week in that case.
  • I've not been out the last two Thursdays, as the weather was good and I'm able to get out during the day, I've been going out for long runs.

    I like riding at night, however as I'm the slowest rider in the group, I know I'm holding people back. I appreciated the group hanging back for me on the last night ride I did, but if people want to enjoy their ride at a faster pace, I don't want to stop them.
    I can either go out earlier if I can, or go out on a different night.

    We also do a Zwift training night, Alan said there were 4 club members doing it, were any of them people that previously went out at night.
  • Yes Andy, myself Gary, Martin,Alan and young Rhuri
  • Thursday nights paricularly at this time of year were never about pace,it's unfortunate the Zwift ride is on a Thursday also but Davy did try and get it for a Friday and we have to go with what's available on the Zwift time table. I think we need to embrace new ideas and technology as well as getting out.
  • I'm not against new technology, but if we run two events at the same time, you've got to accept that one of them is going to suffer.
    I just like going out on the bike and going somewhere.
  • It's not about changing or competing with the lanes its mostly about consistent cycling and not having to rely on weather, I will still try to get out but weather dependent
  • For the middle of November the weather was really rather good tonight.
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