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Zwift Ride

Just a couple of pictures from tonights club ride on Zwift,Davy Scott still not feeling 100% managed the first 10 miles and then passed on the leader duties to Alan Graham who i think done him proud.We had four club members riding and others from around the world joining us and a good ride was had by all.


  • It was also a good night out on the roads last night, just the 3 of us, with Rauridh making me work to hold on, a good night, I really enjoyed it. It's a pity we're going to have some bad weather sometime.
  • There's always zwift for those bad weather nights?
  • No thanks, if it's too bad, I'll just do a session on my (non smart) turbo.
  • Non smart turbo trainers work also so no excuses as all are welcome
  • Cm on Andy join the team even for the free Seven days trial
  • I still like going OUT on the bike, but if the weather is bad enough I'll go on the turbo.
  • Hi Alan,

    I'll try joining the ride on Thursday, can you confirm the time and how you join (being new to Zwift)?


  • If you have set up account,just join the event at 19.15 Christie's club social hope to be riding still recovering. Just add SCCC after your name and you will automatically be kitted out enjoy
  • Ok thanks, how long does the ride last and can you join later than 19:15?
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