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Christmas Club Run

Ho,Ho,Ho Folks,
There will be a Christmas club run on Sunday 10th December. The plan is to meet at the Calderglen Country Park entrance for 10.30am and take a route out round the prison and return to the Auldhouse Arms for 12 ish. Andy will buy everyone a drink with an extra one going to the best christmasy (is that a word) dressed bike or rider.

So get your santa hats and fairy lights out.



  • I'll buy the pint, but bring your own straws.
  • Was looking FWD to this but I'm off to London Xmas shopping hope weather is good for you guys
  • Looks like it will be below 0 degrees all day on Sunday - not too sure I'll be out if that's the case
  • The lanes wont be an option thats for sure.
  • In light of it being -4 when we meet tomorrow, what do people think of moving it to next Sunday (17th), there's no guarantee the weather will be better, but it's looking better.
  • Yea I was out today it was very cold
    . Will be worse tomorrow.
  • I was out today and the lanes are basically a no go area, they are treacherous. However the main road to Strathaven is okay and it would also be okay down to the prison on the main road.
  • If you intend to go out tomorrow stick to the main roads at least,it's not worth coming off the bike for a free pint
  • I'm in Edinburgh, planning on cycling back in the morning, was going to try and get to the Auldhouse by 12:30 for a pint and lunch. Going to be a v cold one. I'm using the hybrid with studs so no ice fears for me.
  • If out be very careful. Iam not out as working .
  • As most people want to stay with the run for this Sunday, I hope there will be a good turnout. I won't be taking part, I've had a cold for over a week now, which I can't get rid of. I really shouldn't have gone out last Sunday, or do the turbo last Tuesday, but I did and enjoyed them, I'm hoping to be up for the turbo on Tuesday. Also I'd have to walk for about half a mile, before I could gret on the bike.
    Don't worry about your pint, either Davie, or I will be there with some money.
  • I can confirm that I will not be there - roads will be far too dangerous so I'll stick with the (relative) safety of the turbo
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