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December Winter 10 results

Weather wise and considering it was December it wasn't a bad day at all for a 10 on the A77. 5 riders appeared on the day although Andy Wilson was a bit early and started without us, he timed himself and we trust him!

Fastest on the day and fresh from a cooked breakfast at his parents house, was Martin Smith with a fine 25.58.

M Smith 25.58
V Pickering 27.29
C Meikle 27.48
D Gibb 28.00
A Wilson 35.02


  • going well gentlemen
  • I'd like to say, my excuse is I rode over Ballagiogh to get to the start, everyone else drove. Unfortunately, Vince rode over, but he took the easier Humbie road.

    I know the met office said it was to be warmer last Sunday, that might explain why I saw a few people wearing shorts when cycling back. I take it we'll all be wearing shorts next Sunday.
  • Back to freezing temperatures this Sunday - I don't expect to be back in shorts for a very long time haha
  • That's a good warmup Andy! I indeed took the easy low road on the way and went over the Ballegeich on the way back. I think it might be icy early doors at the weekend so I'll be wearing more than shorts!
  • Keith, once you've got your winter cycle boots on, you'll probably need to wear shorts to stop you overheating.
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