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Christmas run

Well it looks like the Christmas spirit has not reached us yet at St. Christopher's!!!! Only Vince Pickering appeared at the Auldhouse after cycling over from South of Edinburgh (yes I said Edinburgh) to partake in the festivities.

Luckily I went along in Andy's place as he was not well to buy Vince a pint. The main roads were fine and the lanes only icy in parts so no excuses there. Maybe we are all getting a bit soft with riding indoors Zwift style who knows.

Merry Christmas Bah Humbug


  • Thanks for the pint and the company!
  • Think of the money it's saved Andy, maybe he'll reduce our membership renewal by the cost of a pint?
  • Probably the fact most people declared a no show would mean no run no Auldhouse maybe better communication and maybe a few would have turned up at pub regardless, just an observation.
  • I put a post on the forum, under "Christmas club run", asking if we should postpone the run, but hardly anyone replied to it. As people weren't looking for a postponement, I took it people were going to turn out and arranged for Davie to go up the Auldhouse to pay for the drinks. I wasn't there as I didn't think going out would be good for my cold.
  • i think -4 at 10am was enough to put most people off going out
  • let's knock this on the head,i've suggested an option for next week
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