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AGM Reminder and Agenda

edited January 15 in General
Dear all,
I hope you have all had a great Christmas and looking forward to the New Year. As the AGM comes around pretty quickly this year, I thought it best to send out a proposed agenda and the opportunity for anyone to add anything we may have missed. Firstly the AGM takes place on Tuesday 9th January, 7.30pm sharp at the Ballerup, where we normally train. So obviously a night off for everyone there.

As well as the normal AGM proceedings of apologies, treasurer's report and committee membership, the following have been tabled for discussion already.

* Proposal to organise an open 25 or perhaps something else.
* Role of Communication Officer required
* Role of Social Club run organiser required
* Club Clothing - shopping online
* Funding - targeted events
* Auldhouse league update
* Subscriptions - price
* Club Website

If anyone would like anything added to the agenda please let any committee member know or reply to this message. The deadline for adding any topic is Friday 5th January.

Many thanks
David Turner


  • I'll also be collecting peoples membership dues then.
  • edited December 2017
    As discussed - Training of a club coach, what is happening with this?
    also, funding of 'targeted events'. the club didn't exactly target much in 2017. The discussion should look at what is being targeted. We have guys in the club possibly looking at going on a club training ling weekend later March / April, can this be subsidised? Also, we have club member's such as Derek going down south to England representing the club in 100 and 12 hour events, should this perhaps not be funded? perhaps funding applications could be made throughout the year and discussed when the next committee meeting comes around. This would be a more flexible approach.
  • Folks,
    Please see attached AGM agenda for Tuesday evening. Andy asked me to remind you all that he will be taking membership fees on the evening also.

    Just a quick reminder to that the January Winter 10 league will be run this Sunday 7th at the usual place and time.

    Thank you

    David Turner
  • Apologies, won't be able to attend due to work.
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