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January Winter 10

As we will not be meeting prior to this date I thought I would put a reminder out. The January Winter 10 will take place at the usual place and time on Sunday 7th January. By then the snow will have melted and you will be back in your shorts!!!!!


David Turner


  • Working as usual.
  • Well, it was sunny, dry and a little cool, but not a bad day for a bike ride.
    I turned up at 10.31, there were two cars, but no people about, so I hung about for a few minutes, then did the tt by myself, a rather poor time of 35.58, but it was the first time I've been out for three weeks and it told on the way back.
    I did 27 miles and all the roads that I was on were dry with only a few bits of ice at the edge of the road, so nothing to worry about.
  • Glad you got out Andy, I would have been along but had to visit family. Luckily I could do that by bike!
  • Andy the 2 cars were Colin and myself and you mustve just missed Davy, we had done a course reccy in the car and the shaded bit at the forest all the way down to the tunnel was totally ungritted and frosty so we decided against it.
  • My dad and I waited it until it "warmed up" to zero degrees before heading out in the afternoon. Only the odd icy patch and they were easily avoidable. Very cold, but a beautiful day for a cycle :smile:
  • Andy, I think you need to reset your clock because I waited until after 10.35 and looked up towards Fenwick and back to the Mearns before leaving Colin and Martin to their training ride!!!!

    And by the way the first man is supposed to be off at 10.30 so basically you are admitting you were late. See you Tuesday night for the full story!!!!!
  • I'd have been last man back anyway and my Garmin doesn't make mistakes, at least not re. the time.
  • Folks,
    it was decided at the AGM that we would reschedule the January Winter 10 to this coming Sunday 14th instead. Same time same place, Andy please note first man off is 10.30am

    CU there

    Davy Turner
  • edited January 14
    The cold and windy morning of the re scheduled January Winter 10 did not deter the 6 riders who showed up.

    Unfortunately it was not to be Ali Bean's day as he punctured on the way over and again while taking part in the race. Fastest man on the day was Vince Pickering with an outstanding time of 26.25 on a very hard morning. Watch you don't peak to early Vince!!!! The day also produced a father and son battle with Rauridh Brown and his dad Graeme going head to head....Rauridh won by the way.

    V Pickering 26.25
    C Meikle 27.58
    R Brown 29.37
    G Brown 29.46
    A Wilson 35.28
    A Bean DNF
  • Well done gentlemen
  • Thanks for coming out Dave, horrible day to be standing still timing. The T n biscuits were most needed!
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