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Corrieri's Classic 10 Mile TT - 11th March

Signups are now open for this event on a 1st come 1st served basis so get in quick if u fancy it.


  • Thanks Martin, that 4 tt's entered now, I might not be good, but I'm keen.
  • Are you out on Thursday
  • Cheers Martin I've also entered + Lang Wang.
  • edited January 11
    aw naw no the whang! i suppose it's a cheap event at £10 for 30 miles? mmmm the bacon rolls etc. afterwards makes it worth it
  • I rather liked the hot soup AND the bacon rolls.
    I hated the headwind down to the turn (I wasn't coming back), I loved the tailwind on the way back (I've entered again).
  • There are emergency roadworks on the course (A811 before Kippen roundabout) due to a lorry striking a bridge wall, and they will not be removed before March 11th.

    The new date is now set for Sunday June 10th, same location, timing, course.
    The details will appear soon on British Cycling website.

    If the new date is fine for you, your name will be automatically added to the entrants list.
    If you cannot make it, please let me know, and the club will refund you your entry fee.
    a bit warmer atleast
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