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Davy Scott's Creations

posting these pics on behalf of Davy Scott,if anyone's at all interested please contact Davy with any questions you might have


  • Is this for zwift .
  • No real kit Billy. Stumbled over website that design kit for free, then gives you opportunity to purchase. Wasn't my intention to do anything with free design but as it looks better than I thought I might purchase.hope to negotiate a decent price for kit having spoken to the agent very hopefull
  • We were going to be buying new kit in the next couple of weeks, but better hold off at the moment.
    As for the price, I've just looked at their price list which is in $ so it's hard to know what the prices would be in £'s, but probably you'll need the 25 to 49 rate.
    They do an online shop, but anyone wanting to order a single jersey via that would be $119, which is why we carry a stock.
    Although I'm nearly out of jerseys and bibshorts, it will make all the jackets and accessories that we have, all out of date.
  • Davy are you suggesting this as the official club kit .
  • No I was just messing about .the kit design looked nice thought I would share with some of the zwifters seem Andy knows more about site than I do.either way looks like I will buy kit because I like design hope that's not a problem with club .
  • You may not be able to use it to race as you have to register club design . Could also cause a conflict of interest as we have still got stock to sell.
  • Don't worry won't be racing and who am I conflicting with, just a kit I designed myself no intention of replacing existing kit as I said bit of fun seeing the design come to life.
  • Hi,
    If I could throw in my tuppence worth here. Davy I know you are just messing about but I believe there may be some repercussions here that you and other members may not know about.
    As we are affiliated to SCU, Club kit, design and colours have to be registered with them. Changes have to go through them. The club I believe own the intellectual rights on this and the name and design cannot be used without permission. Added to this the clubs stock of kit and future orders may suffer.

    I know it may sound petty but these are the SCU rules and these were drafted prior to the digital age where things like this were not even imagined.

    Cheers Davy Turner
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