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Icebreaker Start Times 18th Feb

53 Vincent Pickering 54 Martin Smith 9.54
61 Andy Wilson 62 Billy Brierley 10.02
65 Colin Meikle 66 Alan Graham 10.06

good luck to all riding this event


  • Yes, good luck, 'am looking for a top 10 placing for Vince and Martin.

  • Is there only 10 entries?
  • if the weather keeps up 10 entries might be optimistic, its full winter clobber weather anyway thats for sure :D
  • Sorry Billy, but if you stay with me, I think you'll get caught. I wouldn't think 4 minutes is enough.
    Martin, "full winter clobber", does that mean it'll be armwarmers with your skinsuit.
  • hopefully not like this on the start line Martin
    image.png 669.2K
  • Martin, you're not going soft are you ? It can't be worse than the Sundays on The A77. Skin suit will be fine.
  • Andy 4 minutes over 10 miles is a long time ,you'll be well over a mile away before we start.
  • On the A77 at the start of the month Colin beat me by over 6 minutes, so 4 minutes isn't a lot, mind you the Eglinton course is flatter. I'm trying to talk Billy into going for the Lantern Rouge prize.
  • Good luck one and all for Sunday.

    Davy T
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