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Icebreaker results

The weather was dry with no wind, though it was a little cool. Cool enough for me to put on armwarmers with my skinsuit and mitts rather than gloves.
Martin and Vince 23.04
Colin and Alan 24.43
Andy and Billy 27.34
The bad news is that the event had to be cancelled, due to a couple of crashes. We saw riders down on the others side of the road, about two miles from the finish, then about three miles from the start we saw a group of people standing by the side of the road. On the way back there were flashing blue lights of an ambulance at the first accident, then a police car at the second. I'm told it was touching wheels that caused the accidents, with at least one rider having broken a bone, or something. Lets hope there wasn't any broken bones and that the riders are only shaken and not stirred


  • cheers andy, i think with 2 crashes on either side they had no option but to cancel. We had to navigate a bit of a bottle neck at both sites and felt very unsafe.
  • well done everyone on this morning's event,i've put a post on fwcc facebook page wishing all a speedy recovery
  • No, I don't think there was much of a choice.
  • Well done all, as said I hope those injured recover quickly. Indeed Martin and I had to pull out into the outside lane to avoid both crashes and this is unsafe on such a fast road. So cancelling is understandable in the circumstances.
  • There were more accidents than I thought, this was on the Fullarton FB page.

    "three touches of wheels, and one riders handlebars came loose ànd came down as a result
    the last incident with ambulance and police on the road forced riders into other lane which was considered unsafe and cancellation followed"
  • this was on the press room facebook page
    Traditional Time Trial Opener, the Fullarton Wheelers IceBreaker, was stopped mid-race due to a number of incidents.

    Organiser has kindly donated all entrance money to a local charity. Best wishes to all involved...
  • Yea best wishes to all riders injured. On way back the inside lane was blocked by a police car forcing riders onto fast lane was best decision.
  • This was on the fwcc facebook page
    The 2018 FWCC IceBreaker 2-up TT took place this morning. On what was a tranquil day weather wise, it sadly didn’t finish in the way it all began.

    The race was curtailed to 50 teams by the commissaire team and then cancelled altogether by the police on safety grounds with 2 teams being stopped as they approached mile 9.

    Sadly a few incidents took place during the race with 3 riders landing on tarmac, two clipping their wheels of a teammate and another due to a bike mechanical.

    Two of the riders were taken to hospital via ambulance, one has a few facial injuries (the helmet took most of the impact) and the other has a broken collar bone, but both are in good spirits.

    Fullarton Wheelers would like to thank all the riders, club volunteers and officials for their patience and calm demeanor on what was a testing day for the club.

    Riders 97 onward will receive a full refund and all prize money will be donated to charity.

    Hopefully we will be back to present the Spring TT on the 22nd April.
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