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March Winter 10

I know this maybe a bit of a pie in the sky but this Sunday 4th should see the March Winter 10 take place. Usual time and place however the beast from the East may have other ideas.

Watch this space.


  • i cycled up the a77 on friday there is traffic lights on the course about a mile in which might still be there.
  • Not sure they will be a problem, they'll be buried under the snow
  • Shall we reschedule?

  • ok winter 10 this coming Sunday is OFF. We will arrange another date.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

    Davy T
  • I'm stuck in Madrid, can't get a flight home, so this delay might let me take part. And yes, there are worse places to be stuck but its cold windy and very very wet. I feel very much at home but no bike :(
  • The only one that I can do is next Sunday
  • Vince, hope you are home by now!!!! Will discuss on Tuesday night and set date and let all know.


    Davy T
  • Any decision on the March TT ? Weather looks good this weekend.
  • Colin,
    although this may not stop proceedings, I am unavailable this weekend to time you???

    Davy T
  • If there are four, or five people want to do it this Sunday, I can make my usual attempt at timekeeping. I was going to do a biggish run, but I did one yesterday and riding over and back gives me about thirty miles, plus doing a ten, before or after the timkeeping will give me a few miles.
  • i cant make it :(
  • Colin, we'll cancel the A77 for tomorrow and I'll just do my own thing. At least there's still one more to go in April, which I think is the second Sunday, as the first one is the Easter weekend, but no doubt Davie will put a post on.
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