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Jack Robertson Auldhouse League 2018

as it will not belong now until the first League event of 2018, 17th April. I thought I would introduce the handicap system for this year so everyone is clear about the formula. As decided at the AGM there will be no first 2 weeks of the league to gauge everyone's handicap, we will start from the off based on your best times from 2017. This of course will not apply to new riders, I will work out their handicap.

There will also be a new formula for working out points awarded to get to the overall winner. This new set up was primarily made up to avoid events where only 2 or 3 riders rode and they gained the advantage of a low points score where the lowest points gained went to the winner. The new system is based on the more you beat your best time the more points you earn as now the most points gained wins the league. The only criteria I need to thrash out is whether points are deducted for not improving or no points are scored at all. The table attached will explain.

So, two attachments one with the new formulas and the other with all last year's riders best times.

Any questions or if I have missed someone or something please let me know

David Turner
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