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Sunday 25th March

Not sure if the club runs have continued throughout the winter, but I can only assume not as there's been no mention of them on the forum.

It's looking like a nice morning tomorrow, so my dad and I will be at the calderglen layby tomorrow morning for 9:30am for anyone who wishes to join for a gentle ride. Probably heading out and doing the Dungavel prison and Darvel steps route.


  • It's the Gordon Arms MTT tomorrow, it won't be as long as your route, but I bet it will be harder.
  • I had planned on being out tomorrow until the Mrs just informed me that we have to be somewhere at lunch time. I'm heading out at around 8 so Might see you guys on the road at some point. Andy enjoy the Gordon Arms it's a great MTT .. gutted I'm missing it but just not up to it.
  • A good turnout on a nice but chilly morning. 5 club members out for the jaunt out towards the prison and back over the steps, with 2 other club members heading out around the Douglas circuit.
  • Chris,
    That's good going, lets hope this sees the start of the Sunday run resurrection!

    Davy T
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