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Jack Robertson Auldhouse League UPDATE

you may remember that recently on the forum I posted the handicap details of the up and coming league. Well since then and after some discussion on a Tuesday evening the following changes have been made.

Most importantly it was agreed that the idea of making last years PB your handicap as a starting point may be a little harsh with riders struggling to gain any points. So, as has been the practise for many years the first two events on the 17th and 24th April will be for gauging riders times. The riders fastest time over the first two events will count as their standard time. The 1st may will see the first event where points will be awarded as per the tables sent out recently.

If new riders appear after these first two weeks then the time they ride will be their standard. Added to this if riders in the subsequent weeks fail to improve on their standard then points will not be deducted as was previously voiced. Points will be awarded on improved times only. At the end of the year a riders 10 best times will go forward and therefore best points achieved will go toward deciding the winner. Riders must compete in a minimum of 10 events to qualify from the 1st May.

So to summarise,
17th and 24th April, these dates will be used to determine standard times for each rider
1st May event will be the first where points will be awarded
Points will not be deducted
Riders must complete 10 events to qualify for the winner

The only other matter to be discussed is the SCU ruling on midweek "training events" If we follow this ruling it will not affect our insurance and liability if there is a serious accident, however there are some repercussions on who can ride!!! Watch this space.

Thanks again for your time

David Turner


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