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Winter League Positions

This Sunday coming 8th April, sees the final Winter League event of the year. After looking at everyone's times and applying handicaps, amazingly the top spot is still up for grabs. At the moment having ridden the minimum of 3 events, Colin Meikle holds a slender lead over Vince Pickering. However Martin Smith and Derek Gibb could still make a difference on the last event to lift the Roberta Hope Trophy.

All information on times etc is attached. The venue for the final event is the usual spot on the A77 and the first rider is off at 10am. Should be a good race!


Davy Turner


  • I hope you enjoy it, I'll not make it as I'm away for a few days with the family. Piity It would of been good to do it.
  • Colin, that's a shame, it's a pity we don't have a good attendance award!
  • I've been unable to keep the cycling up over the last while, work then my mother passed away and then I did the tendons round my knee in! So I'm a tentative. I'll try and make it along to cheer tho even if I can't ride.
  • It looks as though I've a chance of being in the top three on Sunday.
  • Really sorry to hear that Vince, I hope you're doing okay!
  • sorry to hear that vince hope you and the family are ok.
  • Yes, Vince sorry to hear that maybe see you on Sunday as a spectator.

  • Cheers for the thoughts guys appreciated.

    Spent 10m on the bike yesterday, this evening i'll try an hour on the trainer and see if there is any pain... Don't want Andy to be in the top three ;)
  • Vince sorry to hear that ... the title is yours for the taking ... I done 100k today and already 8 beers deep so will not be burning up the 77 tomorrow ... Good luck Andy
  • Really sorry to hear that Vince. Condolences to you and family. Hopefully see you at the Auldhouse
  • Condolenses vince
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