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Carrick TT 7th April

This was held today for the first time, it's a hilly (what else) 17.8 mile time trial starting just outside Dalmellington, turning at Carsphairn and back. I had lucky number 13, Ruairidh was number 14, it's a 1.75 mile ride uphill to the start, which is a good warm up for the first 2 miles which is also uphill, Ruairidh caught me at the top, but a mile further on I passed him on a downhill, only to be overtaken again at the next climb, the road surface was pretty good, not perfect, but I don't think I saw any potholes. The first 2 miles were a hard climb, but you had to go down that to the finish and it's not often (well never) I cross the finish line at over 30 mph.
I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.
My time 56.36
Ruairidh 52.41 (he beats me by more than that on the A77)


  • Thanks for providing a race report Andy, sounds like you guys had a great event and an enjoyable race.
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