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Jack Robertson Auldhouse League 2018 (New Rules for eligible riders)

the long wait is nearly over and the long balmy summer evenings of time trialling are just around the corner!!!??!

With the start of that balmy warm weather comes the 2018 Auldhouse League. This year however there will be a few changes that you must be made aware of. Please see below for the main points you need to know,

*First event will be Tuesday 17th April, first man off 7.30pm
*We return to the old course with the start/ meeting place back on Langlands Road, behind Sainsburys depot. Please see webpage for map etc.
*The first 2 weeks will be used to gauge riders handicaps with the fastest time between the two being your time that points are awarded for. See previous post on this.

Perhaps most importantly we have taken guidance from SCU on liability and insurance to protect the club and its organisers.
The weekly events are now classed as "club confined time trials." The guidance for this states that.........................

*Participants who are not a member of any club can ride the event providing it is their intention to join the club, i.e. they have been invited to ride.

*Participants who are members of the host club can ride

*Participants who are members of more than one club can only ride if their BCF memberships shows that St. Christopher's
CC appears uppermost on their membership card.

*Participants who are members of another club exclusively CANNOT ride.

I hope to see a good turnout on Tuesday next and look forward to seeing you then.

David Turner

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