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March Turbo Training

edited February 2017 in Turbo Training
While February's might have been delayed, I'm well ahead of the game with March. This month there will be a focus on interval training, with the return of the big-gear strength session which Andy loved hated last month. I believe this is the final month of turbo training - I'm sure Davy will confirm this nearer the time.

I'll repost this in a month so that it doesn't get lost in the discussions.


  • A reminder that turbo training is on tonight, usual time, usual place. We are now into the final month of turbo training - so only 4 sessions left to go, and in theory, it'll then be bright enough for the Auldhouse TT season to start.

    Tonight's session is a pyramid session consisting of short intervals with short periods of recovery in between - see the attached plan for more details.

    See you all tonight!
  • Same time, same place again tonight - we're down to the final 3 turbo sessions of this winter season. Tonight's session is a strength training session as follows:

    - 2 min @ 80% (seated, high resistance and low cadence)
    - 1 min recovery spinning (~100rpm)
    - Repeat x 10

    This will be followed by the usual circuits - though this will not involve any leg exercises due to the intensity of the turbo session.

    See you all tonight!
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