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Auldhouse League Results 1st May 2018

6 Riders appeared on a cold miserable night for the first evening where points counted. Quickest rider tonight was Vince Pickering fresh from the Loch Ness Sportive at the weekend with a 26.46. There were a couple of riders who had a mishap, Derek Gibb couldn't finish unfortunately because of the cold weather and his asthma and Mark Carroll derailed his chain.

Only Vince managed to put time into his handicap by 3 seconds and therefore was the only rider who earned points albeit only one, there 's a long way to go yet! See attached s/sheet.

V Pickering 26.46
M Carroll 27.10
C Meikle 28.15
B Brierley 29.32
A Bean 29.47
D Gibb DNF


  • Thanks to Dave and all the marshalls for helping out on such a horrible night. I'll enjoy my slender lead for now :smile:
  • Yea. Brutal head wind out to Auldhouse. Then cross winds . Well donew everyone.
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