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Auldhouse League Results 8/5/18

Not a bad night for a TT, cool wind which pegged riders back once they reached the end of the Red road. Fastest time on the night was Martin Smith with a fine 25.38 with Vince Pickering biting at his heels with a 25.52. Andy Wilson comes straight in at no.1 with his 14 points earned tonight.

M Smith 25.38, up 2 seconds on h/cap 1 point
V Pickering 25.52, up 57 seconds on h/cap 6 points
R Brown 28.20, up 17 seconds on h/cap 2 points
P Mathieson 28.28, up 50 seconds on h/cap 5 points
A Bean 29.21, down on h/cap 0 points
D Gibb 29.23, 1st ride new h/cap
A Rutherford 31.07, up 13 seconds on h/cap 2 points
A Wilson 31.44, up 1.50mins on h/cap 14 points


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