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Time Trial Events - advice / comments

Hi All,

Looking ahead to see what 10 and 25 TT events are still open on the CTT website that I might enter - these seem like reasonable options.

Glasgow South 10 on A77
Glasgow United 10 on A77
Dooleys RT 10 on West Ferry
Georgetown Cup TTT (I understand we need a team of 8 riders)
GW Tour of the Campsies 25
Tour de Trossachs 25

From previous posts I know others have done Dooleys, The Georgetown and the Tour de Trossachs.

Anyone entering / entered these? Not sure how 'serious' some are. What's the chances of us getting a team for the GT Cup?

There is also the Rothesay weekend, I couldn't commit earlier in the year but might be able to go (obviously organising my own accommodation). But I can't find any details on the actual events though and whether it is already full.... any ideas?




  • There is a few 25s coming up still open on CTT, one at westferry on may 27th i have signed up for this one, also a 25 at Cambusbarron on 1st July.

    A few other 10s on BC are still open corrieris on the 10june which a fair few of us have signed up for. Also Alberts 10 and one at Freuchie which i fancy trying.

    Georgetown i doubt we will get a team together we have struggled the past few years.

    None are more serious than any other just have fun.
  • Vince,
    The rothesay weekend is a Tli cycling event, as Martin mentions just pick the ones you can make and go for it ... most of all enjoy it and do your best.
  • Thanks both. I'll see what I can negotiate with the wife and proceed accordingly. Derek, I found the TLI website but couldn't find anything listed for Rothesay.... hmmm
  • If I remember correctly it was the same last year, think it was July before it was up. I can't remember the dates but 15th and 16th of Sept rings a bell. Last year it was hill climb on the Sat morn, 2 up tt Sat afternoon, 10tt sun morning, novice road race and Apr Sun afternoon oh and a cyclocross late Sat afternoon if your into that. Seemed to run smoothly and was a great weekend.
  • Vince I have a place in the corrieri but I can't make it now as i'm away working first have of June. If you want my place I'll email the organiser and see if you can have it if you want it. Details are on BC. let me know either way.
  • Cheers all, I got some info from Alan Graham on the Rothesay we/ Colin, let me check the date for Corrieri and I'll get back to you ASAP.
  • Hi Colin, I can take your place at the Corrieri if this is is OK with the organisers. I've PMd you too.

    Thanks very much,

  • Vince, I'm currently booked for the Rothesay Weekend but I might not be able to make it - it's looking likely that I may be away on holiday in September. If that ends up being the case, you'd be welcome to take my place at the accommodation which Alan Graham has booked. I think there's 3 or 4 other club members also staying at the same accommodation. I should know by the end of this month
  • Hi Chris thanks for that. It will be a shame if you can't make it. As you say let me know.
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