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Race Volunteers

It's that time again when the club are running an open event and need your help. The Willie Rafferty Memorial 10 on the A77course takes place on Wednesday evening 6th June. We need volunteers to help us run this event i.e. marshalls, helpers in the hall and some contributions to the catering would be nice.

If you can help out please let me know either on the forum or e mailing me direct. It is important you let me know in advance so I can allocate jobs beforehand rather than on the night. There are still entries available for club riders to ride but remember you have to nominate a volunteer in your place.

Thanks again

David Turner


  • Sorry can't make it ... on holiday
  • I start a new job next week and not sure of shifts yet but pretty sure I should be ok. I was hoping to shadow andy but if were struggling I'll go out marshall.
  • I am doing event but got someone to stand in . I will bring cheese n pickle.
  • I can Marshall.
  • I am working that day, depending when I get away from work, I’ll be there between 19-15 19:30, happy to marshall.
  • available to marshall
  • Thanks to all who have replied, I will get in touch later to give more details.

    Davy t
  • If a one-handed man can help he shall. I'll need a lift though...

  • Right folks,
    more info for race volunteers. As it stands here is who is available and their tasks on the night.
    Marshals - (location to be decided), Vince Fenwick, Alan Rutherford, Jim Mcaneny, Paul Mathieson, Vince Pickering, Marion Wilson, Colin Gillespie +2.

    Start - Pusher off, Gary Quinn
    Gear Checker - Colin Gillespie
    Finish - Recorder Alan McAulay and phone times to hall, Chris Stoddart.
    Hall Times - on board, Martin Smith
    Hall Catering - Billy Brierley and Mark Carroll .....sorry guys.
    1st Aid - Billy Brierley

    The first rider is off at 7pm so we need to be out on the course for that. I suggest a briefing with all volunteers at 6.15pm in the hall. We still need some people to bring some sandwiches if they can. Billy is doing cheese n pickle and I am doing ham. Andy is providing all cakes etc so if a couple of you could do some more sarnys that would be great.

    That's all for now let me know if you have any questions.

    Ta Davy T

    * Can anyone pick Vince Pickering up?
  • Davy, I might be closer to 8 before I get up tomorrow, was hoping for a flyer from work but it might not be happening.
  • Mark,
    no probs, any help is appreciated.

  • Martin has kindly offered me a lift. So as long as the other half gets home in time I'll be there. Mind I can only point in one direction
  • Which direction will that be Vince so I know where to put you as a marshal????
  • Left hand working.
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