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League results 29/5/18

Another cool blustery evening but hey it stayed dry. 5 riders appeared to do battle I think the holidays are kicking in.
Fastest rider tonight was Derek Gibb with 27.07. Notable time was young Rauridh with a solid 27.57.

Times etc
D Gibb 27.07, down on h'cap so no points
R Brown 27.57, up 40 secs on h'cap, 4 points
P Mathieson 28.19, up 59 secs on h'cap, 6 points
A Bean 30.00, down on h'cap, no points
A Wilson 31.23, up 2m 11 secs on h'cap, 16 points

The spreadsheet showing all this was getting a bit messy so now it will just show points earned and the running total, see attached
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