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Willie Rafferty TT

I want to say thank you to all who helped out last night, whether you were marshalling, helping with the timekeeprs, at the start, or with the catering. I know I don't need to say that it couldn't have been done without you, but thanks again and it couldn't have been done without you.

As a bit of stress relief I went for a wee ride today, including the transmitter hill, Tarbolton and Mauchline, it was a bit warm, it may be something to do when the weather is bit cooler.


  • Seemed to go very well Andy, enjoyed helping out. Well done.
  • Yea went well good job andy . And all the guys
  • aye great job again andy and everyone else. Georgetown had 50 riders on the same night thatll explain a little why the numbers were down on last year
  • any results posted anywhere or indeed any photos taken at the event?
  • haven't found anything anywhere Alan
  • I tried to send them out using the BC email service, but for some reason they couldn't be opened. I sent out the start sheets that way, so I don't no what went wrong with the results. They have been sent to Scottish Cycling, but I see they've not been put up yet.
  • 1 Angus Claxton Wheelbase Castelli MGD 00:20:47
    2 Douglas Watson 00:21:03
    3 Chris Smart GTR - Return To Life 00:21:15
    4 Martin Lonie Nuun-Sigma Sports-London 00:21:34
    5 Lewis Duff GTR - Return To Life 00:22:06
    6 Karl Farmer VC Glasgow South 00:22:14
    7 Jamie Kennedy GTR - Return To Life 00:22:23
    8 David Morrison VC Glasgow South 00:22:53
    9 Marc Anderson Loudoun RC 00:22:54
    10 David Blockley RT 23 00:23:14
    11 Sean Quinn Law Wheelers CC 00:23:23
    12 Darren Carruthers Glasgow Green Cycle Club 00:23:24
    13 Ian Anderson Walkers Cycling Club 00:23:37
    14 Tony Scott Loudoun RC 00:23:47
    15 Douglas McArthur Glasgow Glenmarnock Wheelers 00:23:50
    16 Sandy Taylor Glasgow Green cycling club 00:23:55
    17 Simon Porter Walkers Cycling Club 00:23:59
    18 Alan Clark Glasgow Green Cycle Club 00:24:09
    19 Richard Provan Glasgow Couriers 00:24:10
    20 Jim Barr VC Glasgow South 00:24:12
    21 Craig Ross Glasgow Green Cycle Club 00:24:34
    22 David Mylett VC Glasgow South 00:24:36
    23 Jim Sutherland Loudoun RC 00:24:39
    24 Frazer Bell Fullarton Wheelers Cycling Club 00:24:47
    25 Andrew Smith VC Glasgow South 00:24:54
    26 Ross Milvenan Ayr Roads Cycling Club 00:25:23
    27 William MacDonald East Kilbride Road Club 00:25:54
    29 Catherine Logan Fullarton Wheelers Cycling Club 00:26:08
    30 David Mitchell 00:26:21
    31 Alan Linstead Glasgow Couriers 00:26:36
    32 William Brierley St Christopher's CC 00:26:43
    33 Daniel Cutler East Kilbride Road Club 00:26:43
    34 Martin Shields Fullarton Wheelers Cycling Club 00:26:44
    35 Ruairidh Brown St Christopher's CC 00:27:00
    36 George Skinner Royal Albert CC 00:27:35
    37 Stephen Donaldson Fullarton Wheelers Cycling Club 00:27:52
    38 Allan Maxwell VC Glasgow South 00:28:17
    39 Alan Jardine VC Glasgow South 00:28:21
    40 Ian Barton VC Glasgow South 00:28:43
    41 Mike Ferguson Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 00:30:32
    42 Isobel Fletcher VC Glasgow South 00:31:40

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