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Auldhouse League results 19/06/18

A wet and dull evening with the midgies out in force which can be more than said for the number of riders. A warm welcome to Chris O'Donnell and Raymond Sibbald who took part for the first time. Unfortunately Chris went off course a little but there is always next week. Fastest on the night was Derek Gibb with a good 26.51.

D Gibb 26.51- 9 seconds up on his h'cap and 1 point earned
B Brierley 28.05 - 29 seconds up on his h'cap and 3 points earned
R Sibbald 29.28 - 1st ride
C O'Donnell 36.56 - 1st ride

The table with the points running total is attached.


  • well done lads, the mrs had to go out glad i missed the midges and rain though ;)
  • Welcome to the new guys and well done on times, hope to see you all on the road!
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