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Sorn sunday

good wee trip round the sorn today. 6 of us myself, mark, keith, chris, ali and chris odonnell. Planned the night before on the strava club page.


  • Went out on Sunday, planning a good wee run and managed 3 miles using both legs then 3 miles using just my right leg... not sure that's what I had planned. smiley:
    Sounds like you had a good run round the Sorn.
  • Hi, it's great to see a range of ways to organise runs and for people in the club to meet up, but can we also use the other methods such as this page or our Facebook etc. Sorry I don't have Strava and I did go out on Sunday albeit for a much shorter run than intended
  • It was a last minute thing colin, i dont use facebook rarely use the forum. I have suggested a private whatsapp group for the club which would make organsing runs and last minute runs a lot easier with notifications that everyone can see instantly similar to stravas discussion setup. Not everyone has whatsapp either though..
  • Whats app sounds like a plan
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