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Auldhouse League Results 26/06/18

As good a night as you can get attracted 10 riders on Tuesday night. Raymond Sibbald and Chris O'Donnell were not put off by last weeks exertions and came back for more, well done lads!

Fastest on the night and another PB was Martin Smith with a fantastic 24.41, well done Martin. Not be outdone a few other riders managed PB's too. Paul Mathieson, Iona Strachan and Raymond Sibbald also got into the act.

Pleased to say we have a few new/old members who joined us recently. Welcome back to Andy Neal and Fred Denton also a welcome to our first lady member for a while in Iona Strachan. Times below etc. with running points total attached.


M Smith 24.41 - 59 secs up on h'cap, 6 points
P Mathieson 27.14 - 2.04 mins up, 16 points
D Gibb 27.15 - 15 secs down on, 0 points
R Brown 28.14 - up 23 secs, 3 points
A Bean 28.40 -up 29 secs,3 points
R Sibbald 28.40 - up 48 secs, 5 points
A Neal 28.50 - up 1.47 mins, 14 points
A Rutherford 29.31 - up 49 secs, 5 points
I Strachan 30.06 - up 2.32 mins, 22 points
C O'Donnell 30.25 - first ride ( off course last week )


  • Good stuff, well done all, might join you again in a couple of weeks!
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