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Club whatsapp group

I have created a WhatsApp group which will allow us to arrange last minute club runs and anything else club related simply and quickly.

Install the app on your phone, private message me your phone number and that's it done.


  • Cheers Martin, sounds a great idea.

    Davy t
  • Well done big man number on its way
  • I've no idea what this is and I'm probably the only one in the club who doesn't have a smart phone, so I won't/can't take part.
  • Andy,
    do you still ride your penny farthing sometimes!!!!!!
  • Maybe only person in planet
  • very quick way to see who's available for a cycle
  • Its a personal choice what kind of phone someone chooses. We need to cater for everyone, whether they have a smart phone or not.
  • I'd just like to point out that WhatsApp will not be replacing any of the other available methods of communication between club members. We still have the forum here, we have the club Facebook page, we have the club Strava page, and now WhatsApp. This means we have several means of communication covered, so if someone doesn't have access to one, the same message will be shared across all platforms. I'll be keeping on top of things to ensure the same messages are shared and accessible to everyone.

    In any case, WhatsApp will be used for quickly arranging group rides which are NOT already organised (ie. Thursday and Sunday club rides will still run as normal).

    Always a good idea to use all media and technology which is available to us :)
  • Hi, possibly someone more tech minded than me could help. I was going to download WhatsApp, but the message that came up just before I pressed download suggested that the app would reconfigure my calling, messaging and other SIM-based platforms to 4G and web-based. This would be done automatically and in the system background. Can this get turned off or reconfigured, its on my works phone and so 4G and web-access is restricted (or limited). I can't get it on the Kindle as there is no app to support it.
  • Hi Colin,

    What's app uses the connection your phone has to the internet to send the message at that point. It certainly won't reconfigure your phone to use 4G. This is from their FAQ:

    "WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to send and receive messages to your friends and family. You do not have to pay for every message. ... If your phone is roaming, additional mobile data charges may apply."

    Are you downloading the app from the official iOS or Play store?

    Hope that helps,

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