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Auldhouse League Results 3/7/18

Another warm and dry evening although riders were complaining of a stiff breeze....never happy!!!
A warm welcome to Graeme Croll riding a TT for the first time in many a year, his time was excellent considering. Fastest man tonight Martin Smith with a 24.29, well done Martin. Ruaridh Brown deserves a mention with a PB of 27.40, just in time for his road racing adventure to France. Good luck Ruaridh.

A warm welcome also to the club for Chris O'Donnell and Raymond Sibbald who joined the club tonight, welcome aboard guys.

Times, points etc.
M Smith 24.29, (up 1.11min 8 points)
G Croll 25.50, (1st ride)
P Mathieson 27.16, (up 2.02 min 16points)
R Brown 27.40, (up 57 secs 6 points)
B Brierley 27.54, (up 40 secs 4 points)
R Sibbald 28.33, (up 55 secs 6 points)
A Bean 29.15, (down 0 points)
C O'Donnell 29.22, (up 1.03 mins 8 points)
A Rutherford 29.22, (up 2.02 mins 16 points)
I Strachan 30.11, (up 2.27 mins 18 points)

Running points total attached.


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