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Physio Help

edited July 2018 in General
in an effort to get back on the bike I need the recommendation of a good sports physio or someone who can do a mighty good massage on my weary neck and shoulders. Anybody know a good one??


David Turner


  • I went to see a physio called Neil MacLeod a couple of years ago about my knee - he cycles, and used to provide physio support to Scottish Cycling (and might still do now, I'm not sure). Anyway, I thought he was great. Website here:
  • Thanks Chris will have a look.
  • Embody clinic at greenhead st bridgeton sports injuries clinic been a few times for deep tissue massage realy good have a look on website
  • Cheers thanks to all.
  • Andrew Scobie sorted me out - fingers of steel! He works out of the Sports Direct Gym in EK off Markethill road.
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