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Enthusiast, or just stupid

I’ve just come back from nearly two weeks in the Outer Hebrides and did about four hundred miles on the bike. Not doing the end to end, but doing as many roads as possible (they don’t have potholes). What they do have is hills, lots of short sharp hills, the first time I did the Golden Road on Harris I recommended it on the forum, but I’ve found an even harder road the one to Hushinish, it’s climb after climb most of them 12%, with one at 15%, after the first few climbs I just put it into bottom gear and gave up fighting them. It’s only fourteen miles long, but it’s a dead-end road, so that makes it twenty-eight miles in total,
That was the enthusiast bit, the stupid bit could be the fact that four days before going away, I did the Cairngorm Sportive which was a hundred miles with a finish at the car park on Cairngorm, I also took over twenty minutes off last years’ time. The day after I got back I then did a twenty-five through in Fife and took two minutes off last years’ time on that course.


  • Well done Andy .
  • Good effort with the Cairngorm Sportive Andy, having done that a couple of times I know its a toughie. Going up the last stretch to the Cairngorm centre almost kills you! So glad you survived to tell the tale : )
  • Good miles Andy, hope you enjoyed them! Sounds like some workout... take a day or two for recovery perhaps?

    I'm doing some cycling in Cornwall just now and it's very rolling especially the coast. All short climbs but steep, it sounds like similar terrain. Many of the descents are unsighted too, in deep lanes with sharp bends at the bottom so all momentum is lost for the next up!

    I remember the climb to the car park at Cairngorm well on that sportive, lots of enthusiasm required :wink: When starting in the morning there was a mist with Cairngorm sitting above it and we descended into it, quite spooky.
  • With those kind of miles in your legs you'll be sitting on the front of the group towing everyone along on a Thursday night.
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