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Thursday Night Road Closures

Hello all, just a wee post to let you all know about some road closures which will affect the Thursday evening club run. Part of the stretch of road from Dungavel to Strathaven will be closed from 8:30pm every evening for the next month to allow for delivery of turbine components to the windfarm. As a result, we are proposing a slight change to the normal route.

The meeting time and place will remain the same, and we will still head out over the Darvel Steps as normal, but instead of heading down to Drumclog, we will turn left and downhill to the A71. We will ride on the A71 for a very short stretch of road before rejoining the Ardochrig road. There is then the option of climbing back over the rig, or past the duck pond and home via the lanes. I hope this makes sense, and if anyone else has any other suggestions, feel free to share!


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